Permablitz #1

After much turmoil about whether to call this event a Permablitz or a Victory Garden Work Party, we sent out invitations explaining that Permaculture is a design approach for creating landscapes modeled after nature and yet include humans, where we focus on the careful design of relationships between elements in a landscape to create a healthy, sustainable whole; that Blitz is a lightning strike of positive energy one yard at a time; comparing the Permablitz to an Amish barn raising, we anxiously planned and waited for May 15th.

Planned was a visit to one neighbor’s property to see Permaculture in action (photos here), and a work party to transform another neighbors lawn into a herb & vegetable garden.  People were invited to bring work gloves and a favorite gardening tool, to help, learn, or simply watch and take pictures.

When: Sunday May 15th 2011 from 12 till 5

12 noon at the home of Michaelann Velicky & Jerome Liss
7607 Spring Ave, Melrose Park 19027
to see a suburban yard transformed by Permaculture into an edible garden

1pm at the home of Bill & Bonnie Mettler
131 Woodland Road, Wyncote PA 19095
to rebuild a suburban yard based on Permaculture principles

Contact: Noah Madlin  |  267-644-6289  | nmadlin at

A writeup of the event can be found on a Citizens Call story titled Permablitz Hits Wyncote, Leaves Only Fertile Backyard in its Wake, with additional photos here.  Three weeks after the blitz, a followup visit found this.


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